Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 49,1017 PW Amsterdam
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Fri 19 Jul
Waterhole Rocknight
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20:30-22:30 Jonny Smokes - Full one-man band

Full one-man band

Jonny Smokes

Some say men are unable to multitask. Jonny Smokes doesn’t just prove them wrong, he takes multitasking to the next level and far beyond. His unique and charismatic solo act is centered around live multitrack loop recordings.

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23:00-03:00 The Containers - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

The Containers

Wherever they perform, The Containers receive compliments about the surprising and varied repertoire, containing songs of Muse, Paolo Nutini, John Mayer, Foo Fighters and many others. Although the songs are recognizable to the general public, the band avoids the average clichés.
Four experienced and passionate musicians, able to turn things upside down wherever they play and never leave without encores.

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