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Ben Catley (Aus)
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West Australia's Ben Catley has taken his music all around Australia, UK, New Zealand and Singapore over the last year… appearing on international festival lineups among the likes of Gorillaz, Ben Harper, London Grammar and many more.

With frantic guitar playing, grooving footstomping and a huge energy, Ben captivates festival crowds like few other solo acts.

Alongside numerous single releases throughout the year, 2019 sees Ben touring New Zealand for the second time, starting at NZ Spirit Festival with Xavier Rudd, then performing across the globe.

Australia's Ben Catley comes to Amsterdam during his 2019 Europe tour - appearing on festival lineups among the likes of Skunk Anansie, Ocean Colour Scene, Pete Doherty and Ash - before playing The Waterhole on Sept 9th.

Recently touring all across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Réunion Island and The Philippines, Ben captivates crowds like few other solo acts - with a huge guitar sound, blistering playing, powerful vocals and an infectious stage energy.

Working tirelessly between tours to put out multiple releases throughout 2019, Ben has new music available and on its way on all digital platforms.

"Ben Catley stormed the NZ Spirit Festival main stage with a jaw dropping display of guitar wizardry & full power vocals" - NZ Spirit Festival (NZ)

"One of the most lively solo acts we've ever seen… such energy!" - Lindisfarne Festival (UK)

"This a lot of fun. You just can't stop yourself listening to this!" - TripleJ (AUS)

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One of the great things about the post-genre world that we find ourselves in is that, without the constraints of the old tribal affiliations and the generic rule-books, wonderful new musical experiments are becoming conducted before our very eyes.

One of the most unexpected, and brilliant, pieces of genre gene splicing is happening in the streets, even as we speak. Having learned classical piano at The Conservatory from the age of six, it would seem that Beranger’s musical career was already mapped out.

To find him now delivering his unique Heavy Baroque Pop songs to gathered crowds in the streets says as much about his views on following your dream, as it does about his approach to music.

Built on sleek classical lines, it is the dexterous piano work that is at the heart of the music but with a powerful, percussive playing style and a deep, vibrant voice. Heavier than most Chamber Pop artists, Beranger's unique Baroque Pop makes crowds all over Europe dance to Bach-inspired melodies on steroids.

Beranger's debut EP "The Kissed by the Light EP" hit over 200 000 views on Spotify in just 8 months 2017, and his unreleased track "Country of Mine" is due to feature on a major UK blockbuster in 2018. Currently working on new singles, future releases will feature a full orchestra, venturing deeper into the realms of Chamber pop and Heavy Baroque Pop.

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Berlin Syndrome (Ger)
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There is this place – an everyone probably has one somewhere – that emits a magical aurora. You don’t exactly know why but you always find your way back to it. It is a place full of secrets and even if you think you know everything, small moments happen which surprise you. And for this there are two possibilities, maybe even more. You curse this place for it’s unbearable attraction. For how it fascinates people and manipulates them. For how they throw away their own lives and become sick. A facade, a lie…hypocritical. Or you fall in love with it and it becomes the love of your life. The best thing that ever happened to you, the best decision you ever made is to stay there because you can be happy and free…like you always wanted. It is some kind of paradise for the spirit and heart. A paradise…or hell?
– This is the Berlin Syndrome

After founding the band in March 2014 the work of the five musicians Graeme Salt, Robert Meinel, Marcel Behrens, Mathias Wagner and Marvin Jiménez emerged pretty quickly. A fan base grew vastly in the first few weeks which supported the band in what they did. The summertime brought numerous gigs in clubs, bars and festivals. The band released their debut EP ‘All For The Good’ in September 2014 and produced a professional music video to the title track.
The sound of the band is influenced by different genres, such as Indie, Alternative and Post Rock and creates a profound atmosphere which appeals especially in the bands live performances. Playful, tender guitars, profound drums and bass combined with Graeme’s sonorous vocals yield impressive dynamics within the songs.

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Beth Heart
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Beth Heart, the Dutch Beth Hart tribute band, was founded in 2017 by four friends and experienced musicians.
Enthralled by the songs of Beth Hart they decided to form this act. The rave tryout quickly led to big performances which include the well-received live track "Whole Lotta Love" was recorded.
Singer Madelon takes on the role of Beth and does so in an inimitable way. Her sound and stage performance is unique and takes the audience directly into her matchless enthusiasm.

The three instrumentalists support Madelon with a sleek and slick sound.
Experience the most beautiful songs of Beth Hart and her blues covers with Joe Bonamassa, come to Beth Heart!

Between the jars
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Between The Jars… that is where this young band composes its music. In 2014, five musicians from Utrecht turned the attic of a drinks wholesaler into their own studio to create a distinctive sound, inspired by the musical legacy of the 70s. With a unique voice, psychedelic keys, and shredding riffs, the music approaches classic rock with a fresh perspective. Soon after Between The Jars was founded, the band won three local band competitions, qualified for the Utrecht Popprijs, and shared the stage with artists including Orange Skyline, BADE, The Indien, and John Coffey. With more than 100 gigs throughout the Netherlands on stages including Paradiso and De Melkweg and a live performance of the single ‘One Of Them’ on radio station 3FM, Between The Jars is building a serious reputation. In February, 2018, after a long time of writing and experimenting with different sounds, the band recorded two singles together with producer Juan van Emmerloot (Snowy White, Popa Chubby, and Steve Lukather (Toto)) and signed a contract with record label TheRoomRecordings. The singles ‘Annie Green’ and ‘Long Halloween’ were released in May and June 2018, after which Between The Jars made their international debut by touring through France. There, the band played for at least 3,000 visitors at the Class’EuRock festival in Aix-En- Provence. Currently, the band is working on a second EP. Stay tuned!

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Bex Marshall (USA)
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British Blues Award winner Bex Marshall’s unique style of guitar playing is a combined technique of slide, blues rock, ragtime and roots pickin’.

Her voice is a powerful melting pot of old black woman’s heartache and rock diva soul. Bex is a writer of distinction and notability, she pushes the boundaries of blues, her songs have been called timeless, touches of genius, and now with anything up to a seven-piece band, she is literally a musical tornado. Bex Marshall just won second place in the Blues Awards 2013 for Best British Blues Vocalist. On Bex’s latest self produced album you will find swamp blues, splashes of gospel and colorful bluegrass all with an exciting lyrically British twist.

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Bibi en de Nielsjes
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Bibi en de (and the) Nielsjes is the right example of how to play covers. Lots of fun, cool songs and a diverse repertoire. They jump from rock to ballads and from pop to disco. They are the house-band from a well known cafe in Haarlem en play festivals and company-events on a regular basis. The band displays joy and is ready for a party in Amsterdam!

Bibi: Vocals
Niels: Gitaar
Niels: Toetsen
Niels: Bas
Niels: Drums

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Big & Blue
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What do you get when you have a podium beast as a singer, an experienced bassist annex rhythm guitarist, an all-rounder on the drums, a young singer, but one with a soulful voice, a wide oriented guitarist/singer and a piano-playing musicteacher together teacher? "Big & Blue", a band that likes firm songs. Songs that find their roots in the blues, soul and funk.

'Six man??' many will think, is that so 'Big'? Just go and stand next to the keyboard player, the musical conscience of the band, then you will get the name right away. But also: the band is easily extended with a solid horn section of trumpet and sax.
Swinging songs, soul grinders, rock'n ' roll, pounding blues and rousing funk, you will hear it all at a show from this cheerful coverband from the neighbourhoods of the Hague and Leiden.
"Big & Blue", thé band for a fun party.

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Big Dez (Fra)
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Guitarist-singer Phil Fernandez and keybordist Bala Pradal formed Big Dez in 1996. They spent most of their time rehearsing in a garage in the suburbs of Paris playing English and American blues.

Re-inforced by bassist Lamine Guerfi, harmonica player Marc Schaeller, drummer Stéphane Miñana and guitarist Rodolphe Dumont, the band has been smoking the bars of the Paris region for years, as well as touring the US (Chicago, Austin, Saint Louis), where they have formed solid relationships with the local musicians. Following the impetus of leader Phil Fernandez, the group recorded their own compositions on their first album Sail On Blues, in Austin, Texas in 2003. Four other albums would follow: Night After Night (Austin, Texas 2004),You Can Smile (Jamestown MO, 2007), Late Live, (mostly live recordings from their 2009 European tour), and Lazy Star (Anjou, France, 2010). In February 2009, the band represented France at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Veterans of the European festival circuit, the electric blues of Big Dez is stimulating - full of both humor and melancholy. With rock, soul and funk influences, the style is diverse and unique!

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Birds of a feather (Swi)
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"Birds of a Feather" are one of a kind. Two kindred souls who find peace in each other`s precence when everything around them is in turmoil. Their voices harmonize perfectly – one deep and calm, the other powerful and clear as a mountain lake. "Birds of a Feather" want to live life to the fullest, compromising on nothing. And their music isn’t either. Their lyrics couldn’t be more from the heart, their performance not more raw and heartbreaking.

"Birds of a Feather" is a brand new duo however, both members were already established artists. Along their musical journey they released two successful albums in collaboration with Warner Music Central Europe. They experienced many exciting adventures such as a duet with the legendary soul singer Seal.

They've performed hundreds of concerts in front of different-sized audiences, including several club tours and a German tour supporting "The Overtones". They were also lucky enough to play several stadium shows as an opening act for "Status Quo".
In 2014 Ryan Leon and Amy McKay dared a new beginning, a development of their music and their lifes after irreconcilable differences with their management. They had the increased desire to follow the path that would allow them to stay true to themselves.

In summer 2015 they recorded their first "Birds of a Feather" EP "Light Up" in inspiring cooperation with producer Ger McDonnell in Dublin. Upon releasing their first EP “Light UP”, the duo has toured Germany, Austria and The Netherlands and has played for over 5’000 listeners.
Their second EP “Rise Up” was released on March 24, 2017.
"The Birds" are ready to spread their wings and they can hardly wait to see where their songs and the wind will take them.

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