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Waterhole Sundays
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19:00-22:00 Edo Sparks (Ita) - Acoustic Pop, Ed Sheeran-tribute

Acoustic Pop, Ed Sheeran-tribute

Edo Sparks (Ita)

Edoardo Esposito - stage name Edo Sparks - is an italian artist, singer-songwriter. In 2010
he started sharing covers of successful italian and international songs on the web, becoming
one of the most influential and followed artists on YouTube Italy, with over 4m and 500k
views on his channel. Voice, acoustic guitar and a loop station, this is the set Edo uses for
his performances. He has a wide and varied sound that ranges from pop to beat, from brit to
rock, from blues to folk, from the Sixties to the Seventies to the new millennium and he does
that with his great personality and originality, all in an acoustic key.
A personal interpretation of covers, revisited for a live performance, supported by the strings
of the guitar and the harmonic box that replace the drum beat; loops of voices and sounds
create an overwhelming and exciting atmosphere that engages the audience in a
spontaneous interaction built up during the show.
A rich performance that goes from legends of soul music such as Nina Simone, to the beat
of Ben E. King, going through the U2 and the Green Day, with grafts of Puff Daddy
and Caparezza and so much more.

His performances on YouTube have been noticed and shared by artists such as Michael
Bublè, No Doubt, Tulisa, Hayley Williams from Paramore, the Placebo, and they were worth
numerous mentions, articles and reviews, the most prestigious of which on the online edition
of the well-known Rolling Stone US magazine.
Form the virtual stage of YouTube on 2015 he switched to the real one of The Voice
of Italy conquering, with the cover of “Hey Ya”, J-Ax who pushed very hard to have him in his

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22:30-01:30 Grooveplate - Funk, Pop

Funk, Pop


Groove Plate serves cool hot dishes with a greasy groovy flavor.

We are Irma Derby, Claudia Wagenmakers, Kadjatou Pinas, Rick van Wort,
Sacha Lapre, Hugo Vis & Willem de Koning


Mon 19 Aug
Monday Indie NIghts
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20:00-20:45 Subterranean Street Society - Pop


Subterranean Street Society

Subterranean Street Society is the moniker of one the most talented buskers of Amsterdam. His stage is usually set on the squares of the city, but luckily, he’s got The Waterhole’s stage at his disposal tonight.

He draws his inspiration from artists like Towns Van Zandt, Radiohead, Feist, Neil Young, The Beatles en Bob Dylan. With his effortless guitar playing and refined songwriting, he’s in a busking-league of his own. The troubadour and true romantic loves to be among the many excentric characters the streets of Amsterdam have to offer. Tonight however, we’re happy he plays an indoor gig!

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21:00-21:45 The Bernard (Swi) - Indie-rock


The Bernard (Swi)

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22:15-23:15 Arcades (UK) - Britpop


Arcades (UK)

Arcades burst at the seams with a confident, strutting style straight from the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll. Leicester-based, 2018 saw
the five piece become four after the sudden passing of their guitarist at the end of their first ever UK tour. After a much needed
break the group decided it was time for them to announce their 2019 comeback.
Their new single ‘Kiddo’ gave them a recognisable liftoff launching them back into the scene at the start of the year: catchy,
prominent lyrics with vicious riffs that have enough arrogance to fill Wembley Stadium.
Loaded with a fresh new single backed by BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music the band then embarked on a UK & European tour,
including a breathtaking performance at London’s famous Nambucca and an unforgettable sold out show in Paris at Le Supersonic
supporting Spinn.
When playing live, Arcades are a rich, musical explosion, with his heart on his sleeve lead singer Tommy owns the moment
through raw emotion and passion that oozes from a place deep inside. Looking like a deleted scene from Scarface and with foot
stomping rhythm the rest of the band are certainly not in the shadows when it comes to their pure talent and energy when
playing to a live audience.
Now, with their mark made in the mud and with the release of their latest single ‘Grande Rouge’ - Arcades prepare to hit the UK
and European venues once again, playing all major cities and delivering the infamous live show their fans simply adore.

23:45-01:30 The Rin Tins (UK) - Gipsy, Swing

Gipsy, Swing

The Rin Tins (UK)

Keep them dancing.
That’s the ethos that The Rin Tins have kept since their inception in early 2011 and since then the sextet have strutted from one stage to another playing high octane gypsy swing to the party hard masses.
These festival veterans have appeared on stages at Glastonbury, Shambala, Boomtown as well as Sömmersound Festival in Hamburg and headlining Fokus Festival in Görlitz, Germany.
With music that combines 5 part harmonies with swing rhythms, pounding oompa beats and latin-gypsy vibes for the past 7 years The Rin Tins have been filling dance floors and festival tents across Europe.

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Tue 20 Aug
Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw
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20:30-01:30 Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw - All genres

All genres

Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw

Rene Kipuw is the driving force of professional party-band 'Jamento' (www.jamento.nl). Together with the best sessionmusicians of our country he turns any party into one you are not likely to forget soon.
Tonight René will be hosting our open jam, so here is your chance to share the stage!

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Tue 20 Aug
Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw
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20:30-01:30 Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw - All genres

All genres

Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw

Rene Kipuw is the driving force of professional party-band 'Jamento' (www.jamento.nl). Together with the best sessionmusicians of our country he turns any party into one you are not likely to forget soon.
Tonight René will be hosting our open jam, so here is your chance to share the stage!

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Wed 21 Aug
Wednesday Rock n' Roll Jam Night
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20:30-01:30 Wednesday Rock n' Roll Jam Night - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

Wednesday Rock n' Roll Jam Night

Jesse Koch is no stranger to Amsterdam’s music scene. His first Waterhole-shows are many years back, back when his father had to come along as he was legally not allowed to enter a bar yet, given his age. In the years that followed he built himself a name with coverproject ‘Jesse en de Muffins’, amongst other bands.

By now, Jesse graduated his guitar-studies at the Herman Brood Academie in Utrecht, and currently he is continuing his development even further at the Amsterdam Conservatory.
De muffins have been replaced by ‘Love on the Rocks’, a band in wich the multi-instrumentalist calls in the help of his –just as talented- girlfriend Marleen Hoebe.
Besides these rockcovershows, Jesse is actively working on orginals with ‘The Silverfaces’ and ‘Hound’ (amongst others).

On Jesse’s Rock n’ Roll Jam Night, everybode is more than welcome to sing or play their instrument. They jam in a free style, or guided by covers by timeless classics like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Prince, Santana and many more.

The alternating line-ups of the house-band are always built out of talented musicians from the Amsterdam music scene, and fellow students at the conservatory also know how to find their way to The Waterhole. Come an join, or enjoy the night with high-quality, but spontaneous music!

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Thu 22 Aug
Thursday 80's-now
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20:00-23:00 Township Rebellion - Rock


Township Rebellion

Township Rebellion is an energetic rock cover band that will go full throttle every show. Since 2015 the band is active again in the Dutch venues, bringing their enthusiasm to the public in bars, parties and festivals.

The 4-piece band consists of experienced musicians with a recognizable and sometimes surprising repertoire. The show consists of the authentic old timers by Queen, ZZ Top and AC/DC as well as the contemporary rock covers of Muse, Anouk and the Editors. Whether it is in the small pub on the corner of the street or a huge festival, Township Rebellion makes it into one large rock feast!

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23:30-02:30 Mad Lee & the Mothercovers - Partyrock


Mad Lee & the Mothercovers

"Mad Lee: The one-band-festival-experience. Imagine you are standing in a party café. But with guitar music. Every tune is a sing-along and/or one to jump on together. And no, there is no DJ. But a 4-piece band that turns the venue completely upside down.
That's Mad Lee.

The idea to this band came about after visiting multiple pop/rock festivals. All band members already have quite some experience in the regular cover work and saw the light. How beautiful a solo of a guitarist is, or how wonderful that drummer his solo, most of the public is not waiting for this. And that the bass player Gerrit-Jan Klaasen mountain from Suppelerveen, excites no one.
We have the headliners of Pinkpop, Lowlands, Down The Rabbit Hole, Rock Werchter, Rock am Ring and many others together seized, lumped together, sorted out, shortened and give this now in a rousing non-stop live show back to those who want! No chatter, but music! Ideal for both the Booker as the visitor, because the hits themselves rapidly follow up you do anywhere else. Except every now and then to the bar. "

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