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Yan Roads and the Organic Monsters (Mex)
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The ORGANIC MONSTER PROJECT is a musical adventure initiated by Yan Roads in Baja California (Mexico). The project receives several talented international artists:

Oscar HUERTA (Huerta Rox) - bassist.
DAVID MELO - Saxafón

Giving life to their first album "Gypsy Dahrma" of their project called Organic Monster Project (OMP) the songs are a poetic influenced by the world and society, inviting those who hear it to open your mind and expand their awareness at the same time enjoyed by the merger of its rhythms and original lyrics.

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The popular music from the years 60/70 are the focal point of this band. With candid songs that make you think of Crosby, Stills & Nash and Jackson Browne, they show you why this music stands the test of time.

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Yellow Radio (Fra)
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"Hailing from the cityscapes of Paris in France, Pop/Rock recording artists, Yellow Radio, has been hitting the ground running when guitarist/lead vocalist, Jon Du, met his fellow band member/bassist, Valery Pelligrini, in 2010 at a London park where the duo began to manifest into a musical outfit together.

The name Yellow Radio came to the surface when Jon Du was about 15 years of age and was staying with family members for a summer duration; where he had to somehow find solace in a tiny room he was given to sleep in. In that room, however, was a tiny yellow radio where he discovered The Rolling Stones and The Beatles; an event that would soon change the course of his life for his love and insatiable passion for music.

Though these two particular artists set the groundwork for Jon, the band is also influenced by other mainstream heavyweights such as Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, among many more.

So far, Yellow Radio has released 2 albums; beginning with their debut, "Rolling The Dice" in 2012, and "Night Life" in 2016. Both which have garnered the band critical acclaim and positive reception. Yellow Radio has also graced many stages in Paris; including the Bus Palladium, a venue where The Rolling Stones played in their debut and beginnings.

Currently, the band is working on the 3rd album effort and have a lineup of several shows coming up in Paris for September and beyond. Yellow Radio is also earning a respective internet fan base. To keep up with all prospects of Yellow Radio's future in the shortcoming; including News, New Music, Shows, and regular Updates, be sure to connect with them via Social Media and Music Streaming platforms as they continue to write, perform, and expand their sound as their fan base keeps growing."

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Yes miss no miss
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A saxophone player with a penchant for jazz, a pianist with fingers full of soul, a drummer with rhythm in the blood, a guitarist of screaming rock solos, a bass player with a passion for disco, a singer with nuts that sometimes seem to come out of her toes and a singer whose deep voice all of a sudden can turn into rap ... One day they went jamming in 2017 and then it happened. There was something new, something beautiful, something danceable and at the same time, mystical. Like all knocked in the cosmos. Yes Miss; No Miss is a band of extremes, an unlikely combination of musicians that make up a whole new authentic music flow.

The genre: ingenious art pop. But with a touch of hip hop, a pinch of soul and here and there a fiery pepper. Sometimes it is about the love, sometimes sounds there is a protest. But there always sounds the voice of this generation.

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Ysa Bermejo
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Ziggy McNeill (Aus)
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Originating from Sydney Australia, Ziggy is a singer, songwriter & most prominently a fingerstyle guitarist. Inspired by the likes of Rodrigo y Gabriela and guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel, endorsed by Cole Clark, Ziggy has left an impression and forged a musical style & path in his own right.

Taking up playing guitar at age 12 he joined Sydney based punk metal band C.O.F.F.I.N. After 6 years with the band Ziggy's musical direction shifted after meeting Tommy Emmanuel and he began focusing on fingerstyle guitar and his solo career.

In 2015, Ziggy released his first solo EP It's About Time, and won a number of Sydney talent competitions including The Hills Got Talent and Busking by the Beach. In 2016 he won Busking by the Burbs and released his first solo LP Timeless, where he collaborated with fellow Australian singer Ella Freestone on the tracks Du und Ich and Here We Are.

In the lead up to his album release Ziggy based himself in Germany and underwent his European Busker By Trade Tour performing in the UK, Holland, Italy, Germany and took to the stage for Down Under Fest, Isarinselfest and Tollwood in Munich, Germany.

In 2017, Ziggy went on his These Brezn Are Making Me Thirsty Tour, playing festivals in Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.

In 2018, Ziggy is working on his next EP and will be touring Europe from May.

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Zombie Eaters
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What started out as just an occasional gig, grew to be a full-fledged rock ‘n roll cover band. And the repertoire, which only had Faith No More songs on it, grew out to be a coherent, yet diverse setlist full of classic rock songs.

This five-piece decided to make the setlist fit the demands of the audience. The group play songs by artists from more than three decades of rock. You can hear Billy Idol and Deep Purple, but also some of the biggest names from the nineties, like Lenny Kravitz, Metallica, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rage Against The Machine. Of course, the band keeps it current as well. Modern rock songs by bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Wolfmother and Volbeat are also on the list. With this arsenal of songs, every rock ‘n roller will get what he wants!

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