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Sun 20 Jan
Waterhole SUndays
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20:00-22:00 Senses - Acoustic Pop

Acoustic Pop


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22:30-02:30 Rosita Loth & the Travel Light band - Dance, Funk, Pop

Dance, Funk, Pop

Rosita Loth & the Travel Light band

Rosita Loth & The Travel Light Band is a Coverband that performs a wide arrange of styles in their own way. Guaranteed a musical night you will remember!

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Mon 21 Jan
Monday Indie NIghts
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20:00-21:45 Alan Frew (Sco) - Acoustic Pop

Acoustic Pop

Alan Frew (Sco)

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22:15-23:15 The Garage Flowers - Indie-rock


The Garage Flowers

Dirty-sweet drunken guitar pop anthems, chaotic gigs, big barnets, bigger ambitions.

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23:30-01:30 Moor Park - Rock


Moor Park

To rock, like it's your last day.
That's what the rockband from North-Holland, Moor Park, is all about. When words can't describe, the music speaks: heavy riffs, powerful melodies and sweet rock.

With influences from different rock heroes like Foo Fighters, Coldplay, U2 and Thirty Seconds To Mars, the band members take you on a journey with their vibrant sound. Rough, compelling, explosive but most of all pure.

The chemistry between the band members makes their shows even better.
After a restart in 2018 with a new singer, Moor Park is ready: to conquer the world. Stage after stage, show after show.
Moor Park's motto:

For music. For fame. And glory.

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Tue 22 Jan
Waterhole jam with Rene Kipuw
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20:30-01:30 Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw - All genres

All genres

Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw

Rene Kipuw is the driving force of professional party-band 'Jamento' (www.jamento.nl). Together with the best sessionmusicians of our country he turns any party into one you are not likely to forget soon.
Tonight René will be hosting our open jam, so here is your chance to share the stage!

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Wed 23 Jan
Jesse's Rock n' Roll Jam Night
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20:30-01:30 Jesse's Rock n' Roll Jam Night - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

Jesse's Rock n' Roll Jam Night

Jesse Koch is no stranger to Amsterdam’s music scene. His first Waterhole-shows are many years back, back when his father had to come along as he was legally not allowed to enter a bar yet, given his age. In the years that followed he built himself a name with coverproject ‘Jesse en de Muffins’, amongst other bands.

By now, Jesse graduated his guitar-studies at the Herman Brood Academie in Utrecht, and currently he is continuing his development even further at the Amsterdam Conservatory.
De muffins have been replaced by ‘Love on the Rocks’, a band in wich the multi-instrumentalist calls in the help of his –just as talented- girlfriend Marleen Hoebe.
Besides these rockcovershows, Jesse is actively working on orginals with ‘The Silverfaces’ and ‘Hound’ (amongst others).

On Jesse’s Rock n’ Roll Jam Night, everybode is more than welcome to sing or play their instrument. They jam in a free style, or guided by covers by timeless classics like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Prince, Santana and many more.

The alternating line-ups of the house-band are always built out of talented musicians from the Amsterdam music scene, and fellow students at the conservatory also know how to find their way to The Waterhole. Come an join, or enjoy the night with high-quality, but spontaneous music!

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Thu 24 Jan
Thursday 80's-now
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20:00-23:00 Algo & the Soundmachine - Funk, Pop

Funk, Pop

Algo & the Soundmachine

23:30-02:30 Funky Influence - Funk, Pop, Rock

Funk, Pop, Rock

Funky Influence

This ever-changing formation has funk as a uniting factor. Funky Influence makes sure you can dance all your stress away.

After a long journey along countless jam sessions in the Amsterdam area, this group was born. It stands for steaming funk, soul and R&B. Entertainment value is something these guys take pride in, as well as switching it up regularly. By interacting a great deal with audiences, they achieve maximum energy. They play everything from Sly Stone to James Brown and from Michael Jackson to Prince. Dance music at a very high level. And that, you can feel in your hips!

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Fri 25 Jan
Friday night rock night
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20:00-23:00 Rock-A-Oke - Live-band Karaoke. Grab the mic!

Live-band Karaoke. Grab the mic!


Tonight’s show features a true rockstar: you! Rock-A-Oke hold interactivity dear and take audience participation to a next level.

Since 2009, this unique concept has become a national success. Countless aspiring rockstars from every level have since had the opportunity to have a taste of the real deal. Do you have it in you to bring an audience to ecstasy? Or do you simply want to experience something truly unforgettable? Rock-A-Oke caters to all these needs. How does it work? Really simple. During the show, pick your favorite song from a extensive list of choices, subscribe and get ready for your five minutes of fame! Band leader Sander Hoek will manage this wonderful organized chaos, and guitar player Marcel Verkerk, bass player Lisa Jonker and drummer Remco Fransen do the rest.

Even for just a moment, walk in the shoes of Lenny Kravitz, Anouk, Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain or any of the many other rock gods on the setlist!

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23:30-03:30 To be announced

To be announced

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