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Mon 17 Jun
Monday Indie Night
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20:00-21:00 Jelly Roll Duo

Jelly Roll Duo

21:30-22:30 Noyze (Can) - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

Noyze (Can)

Founded in 2012, Nöyze counts four members,  Adrien Harvey - Lead vocals and guitar, Alexis Danetz - Lead guitar, Mat Roots - Drums, Chester - Bass. The band’s initial influences include groups such as Pink Floyd, Kings of Leon, the Beatles, etc. With these influences as a starting point, Nöyze has created a sound which is very much its own.

Their first EP was released in 2014. The same year, Nöyze was officially sponsored by Sennheiser.

Nöyze released their second album, From Here On Out, in August 2015. The album is currently available in HMV stores and downloadable on Bandcamp.
Since 2012, Nöyze has performed hundreds of shows across Quebec.

Nöyze also performed several times in Ontario, at the Taubertal Open Air Festival in Germany, as well as in Mexico City, in 2012 and 2013, as part of the Faro De Oriente festival sponsored by the Mexican Ministry of Culture.

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23:00-02:00 Nate Hancock & the Declaration (USA) - Dance, Funk, Pop, Rock

Dance, Funk, Pop, Rock

Nate Hancock & the Declaration (USA)

"Step one certainly is a down home, earthy feel. That’s only the very tip of the iceberg. Nate & co. mix in a combination of funky, bluesy, poppy, rhythmic, and rocking ingredients taking the listener on an upbeat musical experience. The first single for 2014, “Country Funk” is a prime example of entertaining way Nate & The Declaration artistically bring together such a wide variety of influences. Speaking of influences… they include RHCP, SRV, Hendrix, Dylan, Nirvana amongst others."

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Tue 18 Jun
Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw
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20:30-01:30 Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw - All genres

All genres

Waterhole Jam with Rene Kipuw

Rene Kipuw is the driving force of professional party-band 'Jamento' (www.jamento.nl). Together with the best sessionmusicians of our country he turns any party into one you are not likely to forget soon.
Tonight René will be hosting our open jam, so here is your chance to share the stage!

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Wed 19 Jun
Wednesday Rock n’ Roll Jam Night
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20:30-01:30 Wednesday Rock n' Roll Jam Night - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

Wednesday Rock n' Roll Jam Night

Jesse Koch is no stranger to Amsterdam’s music scene. His first Waterhole-shows are many years back, back when his father had to come along as he was legally not allowed to enter a bar yet, given his age. In the years that followed he built himself a name with coverproject ‘Jesse en de Muffins’, amongst other bands.

By now, Jesse graduated his guitar-studies at the Herman Brood Academie in Utrecht, and currently he is continuing his development even further at the Amsterdam Conservatory.
De muffins have been replaced by ‘Love on the Rocks’, a band in wich the multi-instrumentalist calls in the help of his –just as talented- girlfriend Marleen Hoebe.
Besides these rockcovershows, Jesse is actively working on orginals with ‘The Silverfaces’ and ‘Hound’ (amongst others).

On Jesse’s Rock n’ Roll Jam Night, everybode is more than welcome to sing or play their instrument. They jam in a free style, or guided by covers by timeless classics like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Prince, Santana and many more.

The alternating line-ups of the house-band are always built out of talented musicians from the Amsterdam music scene, and fellow students at the conservatory also know how to find their way to The Waterhole. Come an join, or enjoy the night with high-quality, but spontaneous music!

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Thu 20 Jun
Thursday 80's-now
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20:00-23:00 The Switch - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

The Switch

23:30-02:30 Rayn & the flavours of Soul - Funk, Soul

Funk, Soul

Rayn & the flavours of Soul

Rayn Bechoe is a soul man in the truest sense. His unique, though instantly recognizable soul is founded on his smooth vocals. He toured through The Netherlands, and he also brought his music to Italy, Switzerland and Japan.

And it was all thanks to his well-recieved debut record A Creation From The Soul. The album was followed in 2014, by the EP Smile, for which he worked with top producers like Rekesh Dukaloo en Eastar. On the EP, he experimented with different styles, like dancehall, funk and reggae. In 2016, his second full-length record will be released. With Back II Business, Rayn will explore everything soul has to offer, from ballads to dancefloor bangers. His band is made up of the best musicians a true soul singer can wish for.

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Fri 21 Jun
Friday Night Rock NIght
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21:00-22:30 De Bende van Elliende - Acoustic Pop, Rock

Acoustic Pop, Rock

De Bende van Elliende

23:00-03:30 Altitude - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock


Still a young man, but the talented Brazilian singer, songwriter and composer Andrew Laureth began his professional carreer in music no less than twelve years ago.

He built this carreer quite meticulously. In 2003, his adventure started, with his first band Sixth Command. The next step would be A(L)titude, a Brazilian group that not only toured extensively through Brazil, but crossed the ocean to Europe. After two studio albums, and a very hectic tour schedule, which saw the band play Portugese, British, Italian and Dutch stages, it was time to stand on his own two feet. His solo debut So Much More came out in 2011. In 2014, he worked with American producer Michael Binder, which resulted in the release of his sophomore record Windows Of The Soul. During the accompanying tour, Laureth can not only draw from two albums of original material, but he’s put some great Brazilian classics in his repertoire as well. Andrew Laureth is making big moves towards becoming a big name. You can see this rising star now at The Waterhole!

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Sat 22 Jun
Waterhole Rock Night
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21:00-22:30 Waste unplugged - Acoustic Rock

Acoustic Rock

Waste unplugged

For many years the contemporary rockband Waste is a welcome guest on The Waterhole-stage. Now new on the roster: Waste Unplugged!

Singer Ramon and Guitarplayer Onno will bring you unplugged versions of the biggest 90's rockhits.

23:00-03:30 Gold Water - Rock


Gold Water

Gold Water is an energetic band from Volendam (NL) of which all six musicians have a fondness for the classic pop- and rock hits. They are distinguished by their musical talent and the vocal harmonies whereby they do not hesitate to occasionally even change roles and instruments. On the setlist will be songs The Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams, but also rock by Pearl Jam, AC/DC and Top 2000 classics by, for example, The Eagles, John Mayer and Led Zeppelin.

Gold Water plays on many small and large events and festivals in the area but also far beyond. After writing a number of songs and the release of an EP the band got more and more recognition. They were invited to play in the Radio 3FM studio, won the semifinal in The Clash of The Cover bands and perform in 2015 on the nationally-known Dutch Valley in Spaarnwoude.
A small music café, large festival, private party or other event ... The quality and the energy of Gold Water will guarantee the roof is blown of each location.

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