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Tue 21 Nov
Waterhole Jam
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20:30-01:30 Waterhole Jam with Marieke Meijer - Bluesrock, Funk, Pop, Soul

Bluesrock, Funk, Pop, Soul

Waterhole Jam with Marieke Meijer

The contagious pop songs of Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Marieke Meijer find their heritage in a melting pot of genres. Soul, blues, rock and even reggae and country can be traced back in her original compositions.

In this new formation she’ll give shape to her own songs, as well as covers of vintage and modern popsongs. Her crystal-clear vocals and striking personality turn this night into a swinging and intimate show, in which both popular and nostalgic tunes will be presented in a fresh way. Marieke Meijer takes you on a trip through the history of popular music.

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Wed 22 Nov
Jesse's Rock n'Roll Jam Night
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20:30-01:30 Jesse's Rock n' Roll Jam Night - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

Jesse's Rock n' Roll Jam Night

Jesse Koch is no stranger to Amsterdam’s music scene. His first Waterhole-shows are many years back, back when his father had to come along as he was legally not allowed to enter a bar yet, given his age. In the years that followed he built himself a name with coverproject ‘Jesse en de Muffins’, amongst other bands.

By now, Jesse graduated his guitar-studies at the Herman Brood Academie in Utrecht, and currently he is continuing his development even further at the Amsterdam Conservatory.
De muffins have been replaced by ‘Love on the Rocks’, a band in wich the multi-instrumentalist calls in the help of his –just as talented- girlfriend Marleen Hoebe.
Besides these rockcovershows, Jesse is actively working on orginals with ‘The Silverfaces’ and ‘Hound’ (amongst others).

On Jesse’s Rock n’ Roll Jam Night, everybode is more than welcome to sing or play their instrument. They jam in a free style, or guided by covers by timeless classics like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Prince, Santana and many more.

The alternating line-ups of the house-band are always built out of talented musicians from the Amsterdam music scene, and fellow students at the conservatory also know how to find their way to The Waterhole. Come an join, or enjoy the night with high-quality, but spontaneous music!

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Thu 23 Nov
Thursday FunkySoul
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20:00-22:00 Soulquake! - 60's Soul

60's Soul


Soulquake! brings you pounding sixties Soul and raw gospelblues. This energetic formation brings classics from Otis, Wilson, Etta en Aretha to a boiling point. The formula of all these Soul Classics –with a swinging SOULQUAKE!-sauce- has the same effect everywhere: remaining motionless is not an option, you must dance! The 9-piece band consists of a pounding rhythmsection, combined with a horn-section, backing-girls and powerhous vocals.

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22:30-02:30 JB-3 - Bluesrock, Pop, Rock

Bluesrock, Pop, Rock


This trio is based around singer and guitar player Joep Berkenbosch from Amsterdam. With this project, the three return to the rock and blues roots of its frontman. 

Joep Berkenbosch is a celebrated session-musician, who worked with some of the biggest names in Dutch pop music. He played with Alain Clark, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Candy Dulfer, just to name a few. What’s more, he won the prestigious Musicmaker Award for best musician in 2007. He was also responsible for one of the best performances at the popular Holland Got Soul shows at Paradiso. He not only has an incredibly soulful voice, he’s also a virtuoso on guitar. Backed by bass player Jan van Olffen and drummer Geert Sluijter, the three men pay homage to the great artists of the sixties and seventies. The band also adds a great deal of soul and funk to the set.

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Fri 24 Nov
Friday night rock night
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20:00-23:00 Epical - Rock



With their unique sound and energetic performances, EPICAL performs in different venues across the country. The repertoire consists of covers from the rock scene of the 1970s to the present. Classics by, among others, Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath and AC/DC are easily alternated with Bangers by Papa Roach, Guano Apes and Black Stone Cherry. EPICAL delivers the perfect mix for a fantastic night out or a hearty festival.

The EPICAL live experience is a unique experience. You cannot read it here, you have to see it yourself. EPICAL is full of energy and is ready to blow your pant off together with the foam of your beer.

Epical is:
Len Heezemans – vocals
Reggie Gang-guitar
Lars Dedding-guitar
Kenneth Gang-bass
Ron Kooger-drums

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23:30-03:30 Cover Up - 90's Rock

90's Rock

Cover Up

Powerful, tight and catchy. That’s the motto with which Cover Up gets on stage every single time. These Amsterdammers are used to being the life of the party, and it shows!

Everyone’s favoritve hits from the eighties until now are the cornerstone of their highly accessible set. Particularly, the six-piece have a soft spot for Lenny Kravitz. Always On The Run, Are You Gonna Go My Way and other gems from the workd of this rock-god are obviously represented. But moreover, what to think of tunes by Guns N’ Roses, Kings Of Leon en Maroon 5? The two lead singers Anouk Leijenaar and Romy Laarhoven, with their crystal clear, sweet voices, shine in the spotlights. Drummer Paul de Hoop and bass player Diederik Verzijl keep a tight rhythm and the guitar players Luuk Gerrits and Jeroen van Geel make sure the sound is chesty and groovy. Tonight, you’ll probably lose your voice at some point, singing along with your favorite songs. But it’ll be a small price to pay!

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Sat 25 Nov
Waterhole Rock Night
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20:00-22:00 Sick Sabbath - Black Sabbath-tribute

Black Sabbath-tribute

Sick Sabbath

This band performs Black Sabbath with the same attitude as in the 70 's. It doesn't have to be smooth and perfect. It may be a bit crackling, as long as it rocks and breathes the same atmosphere as the music had back then. Their sounds and performance are appreciated, underlined by reaching the region final of the clash of the cover bands november 2015.

Sick Sabbath originated in 2014 when Piet formed the group in the remains of his previous coverband. An idea he has hadmuch longer, but now by the right musicians presented themselves: A singer from with melodic rock-metal-roots, a seasoned bassplayer and an old rocker on guitar. All in all, quite a few years experience in rock music. After a few practice sessions the young and ambitious drummer Alex was added.

As the name will suggest, Sick Sabbath performs covers of Black Sabbath as a tribute to their heroes. Not only the music of the first LP's of these founding fathers of heavy metal, but also songs like "Loner" and "God is dead", from the last album where Ozzy sang again. Classics such as "Iron Man", "War Pigs", "Black Sabbath", "Children of the Grave" (called anyone "Paranoid"?) will certainly be part of the setlist. But what about the forgotten gems as "N.I.B.", "Fairies wear boots", "The Wizard", "Hand of Doom" and "Never say die"?

On top of it all, Sick Sabbath's own Hozzy is a special appearance you won't soon forget.

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22:30-03:30 Spit - Hard-hitting 90's Rock

Hard-hitting 90's Rock


SPIT was formed in the summer of 2008 and is forged from a mutual love of the back bone elements of nineties rock music: gritty vocals, heavy guitars, a tight rhythm section and just a touch of aggression. Just a touch...

Their shows are energy packed, hard hitting and memorable and this has resulted in a track record they’re rightfully proud of. Since the start we have played hundreds of shows. Seven years into the journey that is SPIT we still have the same passion and energy and continue to expand our skills. Combining original material and ‘spitified’ covers we are able to bring the SPIT to any venue. Come see them if you don't believe it! We dare you.

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Sun 26 Nov
Waterhole Sundays
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20:00-22:00 Soothing Strings - Soulfull Acoustics

Soulfull Acoustics

Soothing Strings

Nothing beats a sexy, sunny tune in the heart of Summer. Soothing Strings has exactly what you’re craving: warm, soulful songs, that take you to tropical places.

Singer Lisa Rietveld and guitarist Erik van Schoonhoven have a chronic case of Summer-itis. The duo has made a name for itself in the Zaandam area with their successful Funky Summer Vibes. The two musicians know what you want. Chillax and enjoy the acoustic sounds of your favourite Summer hits, or even get your dance on. Celebrate the Summer with Soothing Strings!

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22:30-02:30 Franklin Batta & Soulvival - Funk, Oldschool Soul

Funk, Oldschool Soul

Franklin Batta & Soulvival

Soul singer Franklin Batta has earned his stripes. He contributed his vocals to bands of both Hans and Candy Dulfer (Hollands most famous saxophone players). Now, he’s the driving force behind a brand new project under his own name.

The many different shades of soul are what this show is all about. As the lead singer of the band, Franklin is backed by guitarist Robby Alberga, keyboard player Francisco Morales, bassist Giorgio Sitanala, drummer Liber Torriente an saxophone player Franklin Breedveld. Together, they push boundaries, enhance details and bring nuance to the wonderous world of soul music.

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