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Tue 25 Jul
Waterhole Jam with Marieke Meijer
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20:30-01:30 Waterhole Jam with Marieke Meijer - Bluesrock, Funk, Pop, Soul

Bluesrock, Funk, Pop, Soul

Waterhole Jam with Marieke Meijer

Wed 26 Jul
Jesse's Rock n' Roll Jam Night
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20:30-01:30 Jesse's Rock n' Roll Jam Night - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

Jesse's Rock n' Roll Jam Night

Jesse Koch is no stranger to Amsterdam’s music scene. His first Waterhole-shows are many years back, back when his father had to come along as he was legally not allowed to enter a bar yet, given his age. In the years that followed he built himself a name with coverproject ‘Jesse en de Muffins’, amongst other bands.

By now, Jesse graduated his guitar-studies at the Herman Brood Academie in Utrecht, and currently he is continuing his development even further at the Amsterdam Conservatory.
De muffins have been replaced by ‘Love on the Rocks’, a band in wich the multi-instrumentalist calls in the help of his –just as talented- girlfriend Marleen Hoebe.
Besides these rockcovershows, Jesse is actively working on orginals with ‘The Silverfaces’ and ‘Hound’ (amongst others).

On Jesse’s Rock n’ Roll Jam Night, everybode is more than welcome to sing or play their instrument. They jam in a free style, or guided by covers by timeless classics like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Prince, Santana and many more.

The alternating line-ups of the house-band are always built out of talented musicians from the Amsterdam music scene, and fellow students at the conservatory also know how to find their way to The Waterhole. Come an join, or enjoy the night with high-quality, but spontaneous music!

Thu 27 Jul
Thursday Funkysoul
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20:00-23:00 Soul'O - Funk, Soul

Funk, Soul


Soul'O, a live band with a repertoire of Old School and Modern Disco, Soul and Funk complemented with a touch of Rock and Pop. Just nice, recognizable music with which you can build a party.

Joss Stone till Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars to Chic and a little bit of Micheal Jackson and Justin Timberlake. The four-piece vocal section, singers with very different voice sounds, ensure a particular whole. You want to join us to swing!

23:30-02:30 Sven Davis Liveband - Funk, Pop, Soul

Funk, Pop, Soul

Sven Davis Liveband

Fri 28 Jul
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In celebration of U2's visit of The Joshua Tree 2017 tour to Amsterdam, U2start.com and Artists & Bands Bookings will host a live music party and meet-up in the city on Friday 28 July. U2 tribute band In the Name of will be performing one of their amazing shows at The Waterhole. The doors will open at 8pm, and the band is expected to play at 9pm. Entrance is only 2 euros which you can pay at the door. There is no possibility to buy tickets in advance but there's plenty of space for a few hundred U2 fans.

This is a great opportunity to meet other U2 fans, the U2start crew and to celebrate the great band that U2 is in advance of their weekend residency in Amsterdam. We hope you will join us! If you join us, please opt in on our Facebook event.

About tribute band In the Name of
The band In the Name of was founded in 2008 and is the ultimate musical U2 adventure with lots of interaction and chemistry during their shows. In the Name of participated in the coverband competition "The Clash of the Cover Bands" and has been voted as the jury's most favourite band.

More info:

20:00-23:00 In the name of - U2-tribute


In the name of

** special U2-event**
In collaboration with AB-bookings and the International U2-fanclub U2start.com a special night to celebrate the return of U2 to our city!

About tribute band "In the Name of":
The band "In the Name of" was founded in 2008 and is the ultimate musical U2 adventure with lots of interaction and chemistry during their shows. In the Name of participated in the coverband competition "The Clash of the Cover Bands" and has been voted as the jury's most favourite band.

U2 tribute band "IN THE NAME OF" is founded on 1 January 2008 and has emerged from an all-round cover band. The new occupation (since may 2015) has once again put this band on the radar of Europe’s booking agency’s.

With their whole heart, they crawl into the soul of U2 to bring the -oh, so great- songs with the same passion and fire. A U2 tribute band that plays just like the original, each performance as if it were their last ...

"IN THE NAME OF" stood, among other shows, in halls as The maaspoort, 013, P60 (Netherlands Fanclub day U2 fan club), Paradiso, The Duchess and metropolis. Also she was standing on renowned festivals in The Netherlands and Belgium. With a night "IN THE NAME OF" you will feel and experience U2 as if it were the real thing.

The band guarantees an ultimate musical catchy U2 adventure and loves the huge interaction and chemistry that occurs during a performance. Every visitor will agree on this intense experience.

In the Name of is participant in The Clash of the Cover Bands 2016-2017. In the preliminary round (June 2016), in the national finals of the extra half cycle (October 2016) and in the Benelux final (March 2017) “In the Name of” was proclaimed professional jury winner! The final takes place on 8 July 2017 in PARADISO Amsterdam.

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23:30-03:30 Purdey's Pleasure - New Wave, Pop, Rock

New Wave, Pop, Rock

Purdey's Pleasure

Powerrrrtrio Purdey's Pleasure plays groovy rock, new wave and pop hits from the past 50 years by icons such as The Police, Herman Brood, Bryan Adams, Santana, The Rolling Stones, JJ Cale, Doe Maar, The Cure, Oasis, Radiohead, Powerplay, The Romantics, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, The Beatles, Kiss, The New Adventures, Lenny Kravitz, Blur, ABBA, Bryan Adams, Motörhead, Rage against the Machine , The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Golden Earring and ... we do plead guilty ... The Osmonds.

Purdeys ' Pleasure is René Kipuw (guitar and lead vocals), Nico Verspaget (drums and vocals) and Willem de Koning (bass and vocals).

What about Purdey? Please accept our sincere apologies but at this stage and time the intelligence about her whereabouts is some specifically rare sort of classified in order not to blow another secret undercover mission.

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Sat 29 Jul
Waterhole Rock Night
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20:00-23:00 Xander & the Keys (UK) - Pop, Rock

Pop, Rock

Xander & the Keys (UK)

Who Are Xander & The Keys?
Xander & The Keys are a 4 piece indie-rock band from Bournemouth, UK. The band was established in 2013 by MBM MANAGEMENT. Over the years there has been a few changes to the line up but this line up here is the strongest it's ever been, get to know the band below:

Xander Allen - Lead Singer
FAVOURITE BAND : ”Kings of Leon”

James Morel - Bass
FAVOURITE BAND: ”JK -Jamiroquai”

Richard Barker - Drummer
FAVOURITE BAND: ”Stereophonics and Korn (I know, very different)”

Dan Edwards - Lead Guitarist
FAVOURITE BAND: “Don’t have a favourite band'

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23:30-03:30 Cover Up - 90's Rock

90's Rock

Cover Up

Powerful, tight and catchy. That’s the motto with which Cover Up gets on stage every single time. These Amsterdammers are used to being the life of the party, and it shows!

Everyone’s favoritve hits from the eighties until now are the cornerstone of their highly accessible set. Particularly, the six-piece have a soft spot for Lenny Kravitz. Always On The Run, Are You Gonna Go My Way and other gems from the workd of this rock-god are obviously represented. But moreover, what to think of tunes by Guns N’ Roses, Kings Of Leon en Maroon 5? The two lead singers Anouk Leijenaar and Romy Laarhoven, with their crystal clear, sweet voices, shine in the spotlights. Drummer Paul de Hoop and bass player Diederik Verzijl keep a tight rhythm and the guitar players Luuk Gerrits and Jeroen van Geel make sure the sound is chesty and groovy. Tonight, you’ll probably lose your voice at some point, singing along with your favorite songs. But it’ll be a small price to pay!

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Sun 30 Jul
Waterhole Sundays
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20:00-22:00 Andy Mac Unfraidh (UK) - Acoustic Pop, from The Voice UK!

Acoustic Pop, from The Voice UK!

Andy Mac Unfraidh (UK)

22:30-02:30 Franklin Batta & Soulvival - Funk, Oldschool Soul

Funk, Oldschool Soul

Franklin Batta & Soulvival

Soul singer Franklin Batta has earned his stripes. He contributed his vocals to bands of both Hans and Candy Dulfer (Hollands most famous saxophone players). Now, he’s the driving force behind a brand new project under his own name.

The many different shades of soul are what this show is all about. As the lead singer of the band, Franklin is backed by guitarist Robby Alberga, keyboard player Francisco Morales, bassist Giorgio Sitanala, drummer Liber Torriente an saxophone player Franklin Breedveld. Together, they push boundaries, enhance details and bring nuance to the wonderous world of soul music.

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